We have been serving telecoms, railways and automobile sector for custom made power supplies since our inception In 2006, we diversified into energy saving LED lighting products. Give our research & development strength in electronic power supplies, we could design the heart of LED lights - The LED Driver. From design to manufacturing to final testing, we have continuously upgraded our knowledge, our techniques and our facility to become single window solutions for LED lights to our customers.


Founded in 1990, we at Akshat Autoline Pvt. Ltd. are firmly committed to the manufacturing of electronic products. Our manufacturing facility is located at Meerut, an industrial town situated 60 km east of New Delhi.

2006 - Developed 70W Multiple Output supply for Petrol Pump having high input voltage protection feature.
2007 - Developed following Battery Bank chargers for UPS application:

2008 - Developed DC-DC Converter for Central Electronics for Indian Railways for Single Section Digital Axial Counter
         • Isolated Multi output 24W
         • Isolated 7.5W (50V / 0.15 Amp.)

2009 - Developed following Battery Bank chargers & SMPS for UPS & Telecom application
         • 30W Street Light, Led Driver
         • Cove Lights, Garden Lights, Wall Washers

2010 - 120W Street Light With Option Of Charging Through Solar Energy
         • 120W Bay Lights For Industrial Application
         • Dusk to Dawn auto ON/OFF feature inbuilt in the DC Street Light

2012 - Developed 150W LED Driver with latest parameters - High/Low Cut Off with auto restart and short circuit protection
           Developed 36W 2'X2' LED recess light for office application with uniform photometry

2013 - Developed 24V AC Flood Light 65W for NTPC
         • Developed 18W Tube Light Driver
         • Developed 250W DC-DC converter box for central electronics for Railways Multi Section Digital Axle Counter Indoor Unit.
         • Developed multi output 25W DC-DC converter for Central Electronics for Railways for Multi Section Digital Axle Counter outdoor Unit.

2014 - Developed constant current LED driver from 6W to 150W single and dual channel with following features.
         • High Power Factor
         • High Efficiency
         • Low THD
         • Developed constant voltage LED strip drivers 12V / 2.5A and 12V 1.5A
         • Developed 100W,120W & 150W Flood Lights in IP65 extrusion housing for Havells India.
         • Developed Office LED Lighting in 2 X 2 , 4 X 1 ,1 X 1 fixtures for Regent Lighting.

2015 - Developed LED drivers considering all relevant safeties under BIS guide lines and getting BIS approvals for LED drivers
         • Developed 240W & 300W flood lights for Havells India.
         • Developed 3W LED driver with High Power Factor.
         • Developed linear Strip LED Lighting System 585mm X 20mm for Regent Lighting.
         • Developed COB LED Down Lighters.
         • Dual Signal Charge Controller for Central Electronics ( Under development).
         • Dual Microcontroller Logic Board ( Under Development).